Room to Grow: Maturing Your Social Media Program Event Takeaways

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By Blake Del Hoyo, Social Media Coordinator

Attending social media seminars and webinars is something I always look forward to – new ideas from experts are always welcome in my book. So, when I heard Red Door’s very own Sr. Social Media Strategist, Anne Buehner was going to be speaking at the CommNexus panel on Maturing Your Social Media Program with Nicole Fletcher last month, I was definitely in (bonus – we could carpool from the office!). Both women were extremely insightful and were ready to share their passion for growing the social media space. The discussion, invariably, centered around two popular ideas: Content and Real Time Marketing.

Content Ideas

Creating content every day across all of your social channels can seem daunting. The panelists both agreed on a few ideas to get the content machine chugging:
  • Create content themes & calendars. Using audience segmentation, SEO research and the analytics of past social post performance, you can hone in on content themes that resonate will with your social audience. Put these content themes into an editorial calendar to help drive content ideation.
  • Curate content from other outlets (as long as appropriate attribution is given!). There are already many great articles out there that may support your content themes – use them!
  • Repurpose branded content. If you make an infographic, turn it into a blog post, post small sections of the image to Facebook and make a behind-the-scenes Instagram video of all the research coming together – one piece of content can quickly turn into many.
  • Refresh. Take a look at something inspirational to get ideas. Pinterest, a design magazine, or a guilty pleasure like BuzzFeed, may help jar that next great idea loose!

Real Time Marketing

We all want to be the next Oreo during the Superbowl or spark a viral tongue-and-cheek Twitter convo like Kmart and JC Penny, but with the agency/brand dynamic, legal department and internal hierarchy – how does this happen?
  • Monitor. Constantly. Always be scanning social conversations and relevant events – how else will you know what to act on?
  • Be socially nimble. Whether this means breaking down internal silos or putting a social approval process down on paper, start to cut down on the time it takes to post on social. If the event happened yesterday, it’s no good to you now.
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