New Year's Evolutions: New Media Channels In 2014


 By Renee Brown, Media Manager

As 2013 comes to a close, we start to look ahead towards 2014 and start to think of how media will continue to evolve.  2013 was an exciting year with the launch of many new advertising platforms, the growth of programmatic buying, and the breakthrough of native advertising.  With all these improvements and developments media ad spending is on the rise.  So which opportunities are right for you and what can you expect from the growth of media advertising.  Here’s some opportunities below to keep an eye on in 2014:
Self-Managed Advertising Platforms are growing Advertising is on the rise and many sites are rushing to capitalize on this by offering their own advertising solutions.  Many websites are investing in launching their own advertising platforms which allow advertisers to access ad inventory directly from the site.  As social media sites like: Facebook and Twitter gain in popularity for advertisers other sites are offering similar ad solutions.  At the end of 2013 both Instagram and Pinterest launched their own advertising platforms.  We expect this trend to continue into 2014 as we see the importance of engaging your consumers though social media sites. So, are these ad platforms the right fit for you?  It’s important to develop a thorough strategy and outline goals for each of these individual ad platforms.  Often times these ad platforms are limited in what they can measure and report on so it’s important to know any limitations upfront.  Always consult with your media experts so you get a better understanding of what you can achieve through these ad solutions.  You want to ensure you are working with someone who has experience  working in self-managed ad platforms to ensure that they will be constantly making optimizations and improvements for your campaigns.
Programmatic Buying is soaring As advertisers start to see the benefits of programmatic buying  we expect this trend to continue into 2014.  More media sources are constantly launching such as DSPs (demand-side platforms) which are the tool for which you can do programmatic buying.  Since you are able to bid (down to the impression level) in real-time this can become an effective solution for your display advertising. So, should you be considering programmatic buying in 2014?  Well, programmatic buying is a excellent opportunity for any display advertiser but especially beneficial for DR (direct response) advertisers.  Programmatic buying allows you to be extremely targeted by using 1st and 3rd party data as well as maintaining cost efficiencies due to real-time bidding.   Additionally by using a DSP partner you can continually optimize to ensure you are achieving your goals such as: site actions, purchases, etc. In 2014 expect to hear more about programmatic buying.  It’s already starting to takeoff across other channels such as: video and mobile.  And ultimately premium programmatic buying may roll-out which would allow advertisers to access premium ad inventory and bid on it in real-time.  An early prediction would be that with the huge adoption of programmatic buying for DR that it will start to increase more for brand advertisers in 2014. Learn more about the details of Programmatic Advertising that you can implement into your media mix.
Native ads are on the loose 2013 was all about the “native” ads however many media professionals cannot agree on a single definition.  Simply put, native ads are content based ads that are integrated within the editorial feed on a webpage.  Even though there’s no singular definition or set standards around measurement of native advertisements we still expect to see these ads continue to grow in 2014. So, should you be considering native ads?  If you have high-quality content, imagery, or video’s then you need to be exploring native advertising in 2014.  These ads are highly engaging and are often more visible than traditional display ads.  By working with your media expert, you can evaluate your content and determine the best ad solutions for promoting that content and ensure you are achieving any goals. Want to know more about this media trend? Get a better look at what Native Advertising can and will be doing next year in my previous blog post. So, goodbye 2013, and hello 2014!  The  future of media advertising looks bright!  

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