Diary of A Social Media Intern: Month 3


By Marissa Padilla, Social Media Intern

It’s hard to believe that December is here and I am almost half way done with my internship. Even as I write this I cannot believe how fast this experience is going by. Like the previous months, I have learned many new things that excite me about social media marketing. This month, I have learned the importance of audience engagement across social media channels - specifically through Twitter.   In the month of October, the social media team organized and launched a perfume twitter contest for our client Charlotte Russe, called “#LoveCharlotteXO”. This contest was designed for audience engagement with an option for a daily prize given to those who participate. This contest promoted the new fragrance by Charlotte Russe by asking followers to respond to a fill-in-the-blank tweet related to perfume: “Fill in the blank for the chance to win a bottle of our new perfume! With the right perfume, I feel __________. #LoveCharlotteXO”   I was tasked with helping monitor the twitter feed and selecting the daily winners. On the first day of contest, we saw about 370 new interactions within the Charlotte Russe twitter account and the numbers increased over the next 2 days. There is just something so satisfying seeing your team’s efforts so tangibly successful! This has been one of my favorite projects to be a part of during my internship because I got to see it develop from start to finish and I was even given a little bit of responsibility. Being a part of Red Door’s accomplishments through this internship keeps me engaged and excited.   The more I shadow and listen in on meetings, I find that there is so much more to learn about social media marketing. The social media world keeps me on my toes because it is constantly changing and adapting to its audiences. My boss will send me an article at least once a week with a new update about social media that affects our marketing strategies. When I think that I have begun to understand something, I am reminded that I am only scratching the surface of this industry. Overall, interning in this environment has been one of the best adventures I have been on in my adulthood because of the healthy balance of learning from others and owning my own work.     P.S. I also had the chance to work on a helpful tool to boost your social media game. Check out the Red Door Interactive Social Media Cheet Sheet!

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