We:30 of the Week: Dennis!


We:30 is a weekly tradition here at Red Door Interactive, in which we take the time to celebrate and feature an employee who exemplifies our core values to inspire, share, evolve, exceed, and be 100% jerk-free. We:30 also gives us a chance to learn some interesting and fun facts about the featured employee! This week features Dennis Gonzales, our Vice President of Operations! Did you know...
  • I have a Great Dane.  Cali is around 105 pounds and is small for her breed, but she’s only a year and will probably get bigger.  She doesn't realize how big she is and tries to be lap dog sometimes.
  • Growing up was spent in the “family business”.  My mom was very entrepreneurial and opened up a couple of boutiques and a dry cleaner business (that she still owns and operates).  It was hard to appreciate while growing up because it consumed summer vacations and weekends but it definitely added to my character.
  • I got a bad haircut in 1990 and was so mad that I shaved my head.  I did grow it out once during my last semester in college to be more “professional”.  I was hired as an intern and shaved it again soon afterwards.
  • Bruce Lee has always been an idol.  Beyond martial arts, I also admire that he was a teacher and student of philosophy.
  • Last year I trained and completed my first sprint distance triathlon. Since then I’ve ran three half marathons and currently signed up for another sprint triathlon.
  • Winnie, my wife, is pretty awesome.  We still go on dates and enjoy good cheese steaks, fish tacos, wine, people watching, and being out and about in San Diego.  Next February we will have been married for 25 years, celebrating our Silver Anniversary.
  • My kids - Gennisa, Dannie, and Breanna – are pretty awesome too.  All of our first names have a double “nn” in them.
  • As the Vice President of Operations, I provide leadership of company operations that improve the delivery of services, increase profitability, and reduce risks.

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