Top 10 Reasons We Love Our New Office

“Let’s get together in the dining room,”-not something you usually hear at the office. Unless you’re in our new ground floor digs that we just moved into. Red Door’s new work space is ultimate high-tech ad-agency meets home sweet home. “You can get tons of work done at home but I think people come to the office for human interaction. To see your colleagues and friends and to collaborate in order to help each other win,” says CEO Reid Carr. With double the amount of space from our previous office and not a cubicle in sight, the San Diego headquarters of Red Door Interactive invites creativity, hard work and positive collaboration. Here are the top ten reasons we love our new office:
1. All 8 meeting rooms

meeting rooms

From Attic, to Basement, to Hideout to Family Room, pick any time any day and you will be able to connect with someone in a unique, tech savvy meeting space. The rooms are all different sizes for every type of meeting. Now, there is no stress finding a spot to sit, chat and create awesome work together. “Love having a plethora of awesome meeting rooms to choose from” – Jami Rosenthal, Business Supervisor
2. Being on the ground floor! No more elevator rides to the 11th floor. Our office opens into the beautiful, finely groomed baseball stadium. Rolling hills of picnic grass and tables are a place to soak up the San Diego sun and enjoy the excitement of sports fans from all over the country.
3. No doors, open space

view from stairs

“I love the layout and the ability to walk over to anyone's desk. The lack of doors makes the place feel more open and cohesive” – Kristin Sword, Project Management Intern Desks facing one another, desks facing the baseball stadium and low desk walls create an environment that welcomes interaction between Reddorians. No such thing as knock knock, employees welcome one another openly and share the work space with respect and consideration. That is unless you are unarmed during an impromptu nerf gun fight, all is fair in love and afternoons at Red Door.
4. The Hall

the hall

Grab your laptop, some coffee and a pillow and get cozy in our stadium like meeting arena. We welcome guest speakers, clients and each other to hold company gatherings and events. With our 80-inch screen, it’s as if everyone in our other offices are right there with us.
5. Technology “Excellent AV in our conference rooms. Virtually no setup for a meeting, just the touch of one button”- Gema Almilli, Senior Experience Planner Get connected. We use Skype video calls and lightning fast audio-visual equipment to easily connect to clients as well as across our offices in Carlsbad, Downtown San Diego and Denver. The new equipment helps to save time and with less connection issues, we get more work done.
6. The Kitchen


“The Kitchen- I love seeing people gather casually at lunchtime and how nice it is to have two of all of the appliances.”- Amy Carr, Executive Vice President, Human Resources
7. The view of the stadium
stadium view
“Being able to look into the park from my desk makes for great inspiration opportunities. From dogs at the park, to the fans at the Padres game there is always something new to be inspired by when looking out the window.” – Chelsea Bakewell, Marketing Manager
8. The Balcony
the Balcony
Red Door is all about transparency. Our largest conference room is the Balcony, situated above the open work floor. From client pitches to employee workshops, whatever going on above is creating buzz and filling the office with excitement.
9. White walls: blank canvas As we move into the future and create the space, our white walls will become filled with Red Door Culture and values. The white walls remind us that we have so much room for growth and innovation. Soon we’ll have a visual masterpiece of what represents a company that has been named one of San Diego’s  “Best Places to Work” 7 years in a row!
10. Our front desk is your front desk


 We love working here, and when we have guests, we want them to feel comfortable. As you enter our office, there is a special place for our guests to get comfortable, have coffee and relax before and after meetings. We enjoy having our clients and friends here, and welcoming them into our home away from home.

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