Facebook Changes Terms of Promotions for Pages

This week, Facebook announced a change in its terms for Pages regarding promotions and contests. Now, pages are able to administer a promotion on their timelines– not just through applications on tabs. This change will allow brands to become more agile with regards to contests and allow them to quickly incentivize engagement or feedback on their Pages. For example, businesses and brands can now:

  • Collect entries by having users post on the Page or comment/like a Page post
  • Collect entries via private messages to the Page
  • Utilize likes as a voting mechanism
With these changes, Pages can immediately begin to offer prizes (gift cards, swag, and other seemingly low budget products) in exchange for user actions with a post. Winners can be notified by tagging them in a post and requesting they send a private message with their contact information. The following are examples of quickly executable timeline contests:
  1. Create a caption (photos) or fill in the blank. These are fun ways to create engagement on a post, which boosts newsfeed visibility. Each commenter is entered to win.
  2. Show us a pic. Prompt fans to share a photo in a comment for a chance to win. This may include how they use a product, style an outfit, a snapshot of their surroundings, what’s on their plate, etc.
  3. Vote for favorite product/color/photo. Ask fans to “like” their favorite photo in a photo album for real-time consumer research. Buyers can use this to help inform decisions, marketers can use it to understand the preferred aesthetic of the fans and update accordingly, chefs can use it to determine a menu item to bring back or keep, etc.
  4. Write your answer on the wall. Ask fans to respond to a question with a post on the Page (rather than a comment). Pose the question in an email or on a blog post to drive new traffic to the Facebook Page and increase number of positive fan posts.
Although a perfect solution for smaller scale promotions, this new feature should not replace larger scale contests and sweepstakes using applications but, should instead, supplement them. Applications serve as acquisition tools for email sign-ups and new Page likes, in addition to providing more a branded space and different functionalities. Have any questions or comments about these changes? We’d love to discuss on Twitter! Shoot us a tweet at @RedDoor!

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