Case Study: "One Day is Now" Integrated Campaign for Shea Homes

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Shea Homes has a first-class reputation for being a well-respected national homebuilder dedicated to creating exceptional homes in extraordinary communities. Prior to this campaign, however, homes were being marketed as a commodity separate from the appeal—and aspiration—of homeownership. Given this existing marketing strategy and the residual fear created by the housing market crash, Red Door Interactive knew we needed to take a different approach. Appealing to the emotions tied to the dreams of homeownership, the “One Day is Now” Campaign positioned Shea Homes as a thoughtful homebuilder in tune with the hopes and needs of the consumer. While many consumers had given up on the idea of buying a home, Shea Homes wanted to put those fears to rest and let buyers know that with Shea, your home buying dreams can come true.


In order to engage audiences across multiple touch points, Red Door Interactive proposed an integrated campaign that included a custom campaign landing page, email, social media components, display advertising and print. We developed copy that narrated a collection of "One Day" dream scenarios potential homebuyers could relate to. We paired each headline with photography that captured genuine moments individuals could imagine and relate to. Landing Page: - Red Door created a landing page dedicated to the “One Day” campaign which continued to tell the story of homeownership and drove new lead acquisition. To achieve those goals, the landing page featured relatable, authentic images of home buying dreams coming true, as well as an email signup form, the ability to search for homes by location, and customer service information. Email: - Red Door developed an email for Shea's prospect list to announce the campaign and drive traffic to the dedicated landing page. The email drove a total of 1,218 visits to the Shea Homes site the day it was broadcasted, which accounted for 26% of total traffic to the site that day. Display: - A display ad campaign was developed to establish awareness and recognition of the Shea Homes brand. The ads featured the “One Day” concept and helped to effectively drive qualified traffic to the site. Looking at year-over-year metrics, the display advertising resulted in a 42% increase in click-through rate and a 58% increase in conversions (consumers who signed up for the Interest List via the Shea Homes website). The campaign also saw a year-over-year decrease in the cost per conversion (down 45%) and an increase in the conversion rate (up 89%). Social Media: - In order to extend the campaign throughout social media, Red Door created images that appealed to the emotions and aspirations tied to homeownership. The images were then disseminated across Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter to spark sharing and social engagement.


Timeframe: March 2012 - December 2012
  • Increase in site visits (29% YoY)
  • Decrease in bounce rate (-1.3% YoY)
  • Increase in Interest List Conversions (up 134% YoY)
  • Increase in visitors looking for driving directions (up 32% YoY)
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