Value-focused banner ads incite action for Cricket Communications

Background: Cricket Wireless is a value-centric provider of wireless services, offering today’s on-the-go consumer a way to stay connected without being tied to a typical two-year contract. In an industry filled with price-point competition and “me too” marketing, Red Door had to find a way to make Cricket stand out online, while still communicating the core benefits of its service.

Objective & Strategy:
We revised the messaging to test how consumers would react to value proposition messaging versus the traditional phone and price point ads, with a goal to increase click-through rates, drive customers to a subsequent landing page and ultimately convert them into buyers. To appeal to our target market, we focused on the key differentiators of Cricket in order to educate consumers about their unique offerings. Cricket is different from the big wireless companies. And here’s how:

  • No contracts. Seriously.
  • Smartphone plans at value pricing.
  • Exclusive Muve Music service plans with unlimited downloads.
We focused on a younger, more budget-conscious audience who wants to stay up to date with the latest smartphones without emptying their wallets.

Our messages resonated with our audience and incited action:
  • Flash Banner Ads had a Cost Per Conversion 31% lower than static display banners.
  • Flash Banner Ads had a Conversion Rate 25% higher than static display banners.

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