Red Door Interactive Welcomes Andy Bower to the San Diego Office!

  Red Door Interactive is excited to announce Andy Bower as our new Operations Assistant in the San Diego office!


  Andy brings a new level of positive energy and enthusiasm to the office, joining our Operations team! With over seventeen years of customer service experience in both front and back office environments, he has been the "face" and "voice" for many of his past employers.  Prior to Red Door Interactive, Andy worked at Union Bank as their Senior Operations Specialist, representing the Trust Department as the direct contact.  He was also a restaurant manager and lead server, which led him to understand the importance of listening to customer needs while keeping a composed and professional manner.  Here at RDI, he aims to provide consistent exceptional customer service both internally and externally, motivated by both the people he works with and the knowledge he will gain from the team.  Quite hooked onto anything Starbucks, Andy likes hanging out at the US Grant after work.  His favorite quote, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!" characterizes Andy perfectly for he depicts the perfect balance of professionalism and playfulness in his work.

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