RECAP: Anne's Top Takeaways from Explore OC

   By Anne Buehner, Social Media Strategist, Red Door Interactive  

I always get excited when I have the opportunity to mingle with and learn from people who speak the same language as I do. –  A dialect spoken among those among those who actually get paid to go on Facebook, in which terms such as likes, views, shares, engaging content, tabs, monetization, and pinning,are part the standard conversation. So when I heard that Jason Falls’ Explore was stopping in Orange County (thanks Bryan Elliott!), I knew that Vincent (yes, I name my car) and I were going to take a drive. The conference, October 18-19, was a quick-moving series of advanced social media seminars. Here are my biggest takeaways and fun reminders from the event:

  1. Social adds layers to the sales funnel. There is often a stigma around trying to define the ROI of social media and how it connects to the sales process, but Nichole Kelly pointed out that social media activities are a way to beat your competitors to prospects and customers.  Oh, and you can indeed report the ROI, but it helps if you have a robust CRM.
  2. Customers expect immediate responses to their questions asked on Facebook and Twitter, even outside of business hours. Make sure to staff accordingly!
  3. Facebook is as much a part of a person’s routine as brushing teeth. In fact, 60% of Facebook users check it right when they wake up in the morning and 63% right before bed (although that may not be when they are most engaged with brands).
  4. Broaden the definition influencer. Tamsen Webster pointed out that it isn’t only people with broad reach that are influencers, but there is also a segment dubbed the “altruistic activators” who are proactive brand ambassadors and a trusted resource among their circle of friends. Reward those who already are talking about your brand and are influential in their small circle.
  5. In her session, “The Art of Being Interested,” Courtney Seiter shared a fabulous resource that Raven Tools put together: The Ultimate List of Online Public Relations Tools. Enjoy!
  6. Humor breaks through the social media noise. My new friend Tim Washer reminded everyone about the importance of humor and the power of video. Even a large company like Cisco embraces this approach. I loved this example of a Valentine’s Day product launch!
This list was just a little taste of the Explore event and tidbits that caught my attention. Feel free to leave a comment or tweet me with any questions.

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