Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Working at Red Door

To celebrate Red Door’s 10th anniversary this year (double digits!), we would like to share our personality, core values, and overall excitement through a series of “top 10” blog posts on the 10th each month. The Morale & Culture Committee jumped at the opportunity to tackle the “Top 10” blog post for May. Since the main function of our committee is to make Red Door a great place to work, we thought we’d tell the world (or whoever reads this post) why employees actually enjoy working here. We surveyed the company and here are the top 10 reasons why we love working at Red Door:
1.       We:30   Every Wednesday, the offices gather for a break from work to enjoy snacks, connect, and learn fun facts about the We:30 person of the week! 
2.       There is a work hard, play hard mentality   Dennis takes a break from a long day of work to challenge the San Diego Chicken to a game of chess.  
3.       The talented, positive people   Our San Diego crew stops to say Cheeeese! 
4.       The folks here are not just colleagues, they're friends   Zee, Anne, Julie, Lexi, Allison, Merima & Natalie enjoy some off-camera bonding while working on a Rubio’s shoot.
5.       It’s a creative environment where everyone is encouraged to share   Creativity doesn’t stop with our work! Members of our Search, Social, Analytics and Email teams share their Halloween spirit with the office.
6.       We’re given the opportunity to work to our strengths   Natalie shows off her newly awarded CPA Certificate. Congrats!  
7.       The company is flexible – We can organize our schedules and locations as needed  Telecommuters Michele & Malani show off their work spaces and preferred way of communication with the office – skype!
8.       No ‘jerks’ allowed  Members of our Philanthropy Committee, Red Door Caring Hearts, show their silly side before helping serve lunch to seniors near our downtown San Diego office.
9.       On any given day, there are two or three people who just happen to wear the same outfit  It’s a twin thing with Jeannie & Reid, Adam & Mike and Charles & John.
10.   The close-knit group in Denver Our Denver crew in their brand new office!

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