Red Door Interactive’s experts to present at San Diego American Marketing Association’s “Art of Marketing” Seminar Thursday

- Specialists to lead discussions on optimizing marketing channel mix, storytelling through social media platforms -

Red Door Interactive, a strategic partner dedicated to ensuring businesses engage their customers wherever they are, will have two experts speak at the San Diego American Marketing Association’s “Art of Marketing” seminar Thursday. Crosby Noricks, Director of Social Media, will present on “Storytelling Through Social Platforms” while Mikael Greenlief, Senior Media Planner, will present on “Understanding the Consumer Path to Purchase: Optimizing your Marketing Channel Mix.” Greenlief’s presentation will focus on how the traditional models used to measure marketing channel performance are broken, how to effectively measure the individual influence of each marketing channel based on their efficiencies and how to tie these channels back to their contribution on the most important metric of all, ROI. Noricks’ presentation will focus on how to leverage various social platforms to reach and inspire a digitally-connected audience. From content creation and curation to distribution and amplification, attendees will walk away with an understanding of how their stories can be told via social media and the strategic direction to make it happen.


More information is available at http://sdama.org/2011/11/05/art-of-marketing-2012/

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