Caring Hearts from Creek to Bay

How much do you love a clean San Diego? Enough to pick up 152,000 pounds of trash in one morning? That’s the amount of debris collected by the volunteers who came out to 88 San Diego cleanup sites on Saturday, April 28th for the 10th annual Creek to Bay Cleanup! The Red Door Interactive Caring Hearts got down and dirty to show some love for a clean community out at Mission Bay Crown Point Shores.

“It was amazing the number cigarette butts that people leave behind—we found over 300!” said Natalie Barnes, Caring Hearts committee member. But cigarette butts weren’t the most interesting debris the volunteers found. One pair of bikini bottoms. A long sleeve t-shirt. A sock. Another sock (not matching the first sock they found). Strings of Easter grass left over from Easter celebrations. A dead rat. The list of treasures goes on. They even cleaned out the picnic site grills and found an old hotdog, marshmallows, corn husks, and a soda bottle. It was definitely a chance to get down to earth—and even get creative. The Caring Hearts made the event a productive and fun morning!

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