Alternative Recruiting Strategies Employed by Companies Vying for Top Tech Talent

By Andrea Siedsma, Workforce Amy Carr, executive vice president of human resources at San Diego-based Internet services and marketing firm Red Door Interactive Inc., says her company has implemented quick, intense hiring strategies for tech workers and also boosted its budget for training and education after they are hired. Most of Red Door's 10 programmers were hired through referrals from other employees or by clients, Carr says. A $3,000 bonus adds incentive for employees to refer programmers. "The two programmers we recently hired had three other offers, so we had to accelerate the hiring process," Carr said. "During this process we immerse them in our culture and offer them access to anyone in our organization. It feels like they are interviewing us as much as we are interviewing them. One of the programmers we hired told us the office environment was a big deal."

Tech workers are in such demand that the interview process can't be allowed to drag for several weeks, Carr says. "For one candidate, we did an initial phone screening on Wednesday and brought him back in the next day, and then that afternoon he met with people from two different departments," Carr says. "Then he had a social lunch with the tech team and then we did a detailed reference check. We offered the job to him that Friday night because we had to. We don't skimp on the process; we accelerate it. Otherwise we would lose out." Read the full article, here.

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