3 Reasons Why the Summer Should Be a Busy Time for Email Marketers

By Pilar Bower, Senior Email Marketing Strategist Featured in eM+C

June brings the end of another school year for many kids and thoughts of carefree and fun times during long, summer days. The learning environment takes a hiatus for a few months. Adults in the "working world" will try and follow suit by leaving work early, hitting the links, or catching some rays at the beach or neighborhood pool. I know many email marketers — myself included — will most certainly take a few days off before Labor Day weekend. However, the summer is hardly a time for email marketers to take it easy. In fact, it may be one of the busiest times of the year for us. Summer has proven to be one of the best times to keep up with new technologies and tactics.

Here's why: Many product launches occur in late summer and early fall. June and July have historically been good times to reach out to customers and launch products. It's understandable as to why: more people have the time and money to make purchases and find new deals. With new products come promotion campaigns to customers and prospects. Email initiatives will most certainly be counted upon to generate interest and begin the sales cycle. Interns will give you more resources. Many firms will undoubtedly have fresh, eager students running around the office during the summer months. They come with new ideas and perspectives if encouraged and supported. Before you assign them another boring administrative task, pick their brain and learn from them. You'll find the time very much worthwhile. The holidays will come much sooner than you think. For many companies, the busy season comes in the last two months of the year; that means things start to kick into high gear by late September. Devising successful holiday campaigns means planning should start when the weather is still balmy. Summer is a good time to do some controlled testing to see what email promos might work when they're needed in a few months. While I'll stop and smell the freshly cut grass every now and again this summer, I'll be sure to keep up with the latest in my industry as well as prepare to roll out some successful email campaigns. It's what we as digital marketers do this time of year — and I wouldn't have it any other way! Read the article on eM+C,here.

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