Red Door Interactive Wins Internet Advertising Competition Award For Rubio’s Restaurants, Inc.

Featured on Fast Casual - Agency lands “Best Food Industry Ads the client did not pick” for “Rubio's School of Langostino Lobster Etiquette” campaign -

Red Door Interactive, a strategic partner dedicated to ensuring businesses engage their customers wherever they are, was recognized in the Web Marketing Association’s 10th annual Internet Advertising Competition for its work with Rubio’s Restaurants, Inc. The agency won “Best Food Industry Ads the client did not pick” for creating the Rubio's School of Langostino Lobster Etiquette campaign to raise awareness for the chain’s lobster items. "These videos were part of a larger social media initiative to drive diners in store to sample Rubio's seasonal menu items,” said Sarah Hughes, Associate Creative Director at Red Door Interactive. “Though the videos were never released to the public, they’re a great example of Red Door’s ability to produce award-winning content for the web and beyond." The Rubio's School of Langostino Lobster Etiquette campaign was led by headmaster “Sir Randall” who guided viewers through simple etiquette lessons that were designed to enhance their enjoyment of the Langostino Lobster burrito and taco. The Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Awards are produced by the Web Marketing Association to honor excellence in online advertising, recognize the individuals and organizations responsible, and showcase the award winning Internet advertising. This is the first and only industry-based advertising competition dedicated to online advertising. More information is available at IAC.

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