The Corner Office with a View

It seemed like only yesterday when we stepped into the bustling office of Red Door Interactive (RDI), with our nerves rattled by excitement and maybe just a dab of fear from the unknown. Our internship started off with Get to Know You meetings where even the CEO took the time to, bet you can guess it, get to know us. It didn’t take too many of these meetings for us to realize we were in good hands. Really, really good hands.

From the moment we got here, there has been nothing but positive energy from all directions, accompanied by non-stop productivity. Once we were settled, it was off to the starting line for us all. We’re only beginning our fourth week and most of us have already completed projects to meet client deadlines. We’re not just on kitchen duty over here – we’re actually getting hands-on experience with experts who are taking the time to teach us.

The team at RDI has encouraged us to be involved in the action since day one. They want us to speak our mind if we have ideas and ask questions, even if it might challenge the status quo. There is no holding back here if it means progress. Even though we’re interns and we’re new at this, they realize we’re fresh minds determined to excel and work our hardest to get to the next step in our careers. RDI sees the value in that mindset and they are providing a great opportunity for us to apply it. Because of that we’re learning more than we could have hoped for. But this internship is more than learning the necessary skills it takes to perform our tasks at hand – it’s about learning how to work together to succeed. It’s about being part of a team that helps each other overcome challenges and grow. If you were to visit our office, you’d see that in just one glance. There are no cubicles shutting us off from each other, no stuffy offices, not even doors (not even a red one!) at RDI. We all sit together in one big corner office, overlooking a beautiful city – and even the interns get a view. - The Interns

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