Red Door Interactive featured on FastCasual.com for bringing back Rubio’s Original Fish Taco with “Chase the Taste” game

Featured on FastCasual.com Background: In 1983, Ralph Rubio opened up his first restaurant, debuting what would become a culinary cult classic—the beer-battered fish taco. As popularity grew and demand increased, Rubio’s began battering their famous fish tacos at a partner facility in 2006 instead of by hand in the kitchens of their restaurants in an effort to create a more consistent taste. With Rubio’s 30th anniversary on the horizon, Ralph planned to bring The Original Fish Taco® back to its beer-battered-by-hand roots. Rubio’s looked to Red Door Interactive to introduce its homecoming in a way that would not only raise awareness, but generate in-store trials as well. Solution: Red Door Interactive devised the Chase the Taste: The Return of The Original Fish Taco game where players had to search through action-packed, illustrated scenes to find The Original Fish Tacos, along with other hidden items such as a Rubio’s cook, Ralph, lime wedges and other appetizing accouterments. Participants were tasked to locate all of the objects before time expired. If the game was completed, players were entered into a drawing for a chance to win exciting prizes, including a $2,500 gift card. In addition, every player received a coupon to try The Original Fish Taco. “We counted on Red Door to create something that would be interactive and allow people to have fun,” explained Ralph Rubio. “They brainstormed several concepts that would attract interested players and enable them to spread the word through share functions.” Results: During the first week the game launched, more than 30,000 players set their sights on finding The Original Fish Taco. Over a period of 42 days that the game was available, the game’s landing page received 101,469 visits and the play page acquired 68,430 visits. This resulted in a 67 percent conversion rate. Of those that played the game, 69 percent won, 37 percent ran out of time (68 percent of those individuals opted to play again) and only six percent quit the game. What’s most interesting is that when the email was distributed on the first day, it resulted in the highest engagement through the share and social functions. For example, more than 19,000 people shared the game in one way or another. The “Post Your Time” on Facebook share option was the most used with more than 7,000 shares. In addition, nearly 4,625 people shared the game via Facebook message and approximately 1,880 individuals shared it on Twitter. Equally important was the 5,198 shares that occurred through email. “We were very pleased with the results. Red Door provided an exceptional value in producing our game; I was impressed by their energy, creative ideas and ability to produce an outstanding product. The commitment level with the game was extremely high and it was a great way to announce that the Original Fish Taco is back,” said Ralph Rubio. Read article on FastCasual.com>>>

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