Crowdsource help us name our conference rooms

It’s official: Red Door  opens the doors to our new downtown Denver office on February 6th! Now we need your help to bring our office to life with fun, inspirational, I-want-to-work-in-here-everyday conference room names. By now you know that we’re not in the habit of using names like “Board Room” or “Executive Suite.” Rather, we try to contribute to the unique identity of each office: We’ve got our homey HQ in downtown San Diego, our beach house in Carlsbad, and now… our state-of-the-art modern lodge in Denver. This week, the Denver crew got together and held a brain-hurricane (10x more powerful than a brainstorm) to pick out names for the new conference rooms. Here’s how the ideas spun out. First, we wanted to tie the names into our modern lodge theme, and into Colorado. So, we picked our favorite mountains. From there, we picked our favorite ski/hike runs (one from each favorite mountain). Then we paired each run with the room it fit best.
Here’s what we came up with so far:
1. Imperial Bowl – from Breckenridge – for the large circular common area.
2. Blue Sky Basin – from Vail – for the larger conference room with more formal table/chairs.
3. Powder Keg – from Arapahoe Basin – for the smaller, more ‘casual’ conference room.
4. Dew Drop – from Telluride – for one of the call rooms.
5. Giggle Gulch (or maybe just The Gulch) – from Steamboat – for the other call room.
What do you think? Post your feedback and ideas, and we’ll send them out to our employees for a final vote!  

And for some extra inspiration, check out more photos of our new Denver home coming to life here. The new office will be located at 1001 17th Street, Suite PL150, Denver, Colo., 80202.

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