10 Ways to be Jerk Free


To celebrate Red Door’s 10th anniversary this year (double digits!), we would like to share our personality, core values, and overall excitement through a series of “top 10” blog posts on the 10th each month. To kick things off, we want to focus on one of our most popular core values that really sets the bar for the kind of people we hire and the way our teams interact with each other and communicate with clients – 100% Jerk Free.   

When deadlines are tight, workloads are full, and beer:30 is far away, here are 10 ways to still show R-E-S-P-E-C-T and remain jerk free.  

1. Don’t Be Too Busy to Lend a Hand

  • Even if it means getting your hands dirty…

 2. Give Thanks Where It’s Due

  • Notes, shout-outs, smiles—a small phrase goes a long way.

Nothing says, “We’re thankful for you” like a public announcement and even a sweet prize. That’s why we believe in our “Mad Props” peer recognition program. Check out a post about one of our winners here

3. Think Before You Post

  • Be respectful, not regretful.

We all know what happened when disgruntled Domino’s employees posted a video prank on YouTube.  

4. Get Outside the Cubicle

  •  Let the walls down. Take a break.
Eating Lunch Outside the Cubicle, RDI Office, Downtown San Diego

5. Let your Personality Shine

  • Be the human you are.
Director of Social Media Crosby Noricks isn’t afraid to let her personality shine. Whether she’s wearing a princess tiara, sharing her expertise, or sitting pretty at her very decorated desk, Crosby reminds us that it’s cool to be yourself (and not just your job title).  

 6. Do Your Part

  • Don’t let your food rot in the fridge.
Sounds gross—that’s because it is. Sharing a fridge with 50 people can get pretty crazy. But with kitchen duty and weekly fridge clear-outs, we can count on each other to be accountable for keeping the kitchen clean and the fridge fresh. Or whatever the duties may be in your office.   [caption id="attachment_11163" align="aligncenter" width="224" caption="Kitchen Duty Notice, Downtown San Diego Office"][/caption]

7. Enjoy the View

  • Tear your eyes away from the screen… and breathe!
[caption id="attachment_11165" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="View from RDI Office, Petco Park, Downtown San Diego"][/caption]

8. Pay it Forward

  • Imagine a world of shared progress.
Associate Creative Director Patrick Cinco reached out to a new Red Door employee and aspiring copywriter by lending his favorite book on ad concept and copy. His explanation? “I’m just stoked on what people did for me in the past and want to pay it forward.”    

9. Have a Caring Heart

  • Serve seniors. Walk for a cause. Give.
[caption id="attachment_11097" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="RDI Caring Hearts, Serving Seniors @ Gary and Mary West Senior Wellness Center "][/caption]

10. Be Present

  • Listen and pay attention. You might surprise yourself.

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