Register Now! Marketing Trends for 2013 Speaker Series

Event Dates: San Diego - January 29th & Denver - February 7th

Kick off the New Year with Red Door’s subject matter experts as we explore marketing trends for 2013. Learn how the latest consumer habits are driving brand engagement and communications strategy. Develop a well-rounded approach with topics ranging from cross-channel content marketing to social influence, mobile devices, and big data analytics. Come prepared to gain a new understanding of how consumers shop and which brands they choose to buy. Pick up actionable takeaways—and take on 2013 with a new perspective on acquiring and retaining customers.


  • Media is increasingly fragmented as more people consume content through multiple platforms like television and smartphones simultaneously. How can we orchestrate brand engagement cohesively across different touch points?
  • How can we optimize experiences for social and mobile sharing?
  • Agility is a key competitive advantage. What are methods for surfacing meaningful consumer insights quickly?
  • Consumers expect to interact with brands everywhere. What’s the path towards a mobile-first strategy?
  • Millennials now command significant buying power. What influences their thinking?
  • Andy Batten – Manager of Digital Analytics, Red Door Interactive
  • Charles Wiedenhoft – Director of Strategic Planning, Red Door Interactive
  • John Faris – Director of Cross Channel Marketing, Red Door Interactive


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