Red Door's Jeannie Fratoni to judge the first IAB Rising Stars Digital Video Ad Format Competition


- Co-Founder will help select the best in-stream, linear interactive digital video ad product concepts -

San Diego, Calif. – December 3, 2012 – Jeannie Fratoni, co-founder of Red Door Interactive, a strategic partner dedicated to ensuring businesses engage their customers wherever they are, will judge first IAB Rising Stars Digital Video Ad Format Competition. Fratoni, an experienced judge and member of the Mobile Rising Stars Agency Working Group, will critique the organizations’ competition, including more than 50 in-stream, linear interactive digital video ad product concepts. “I’ve judged numerous industry awards such as the Webby Awards, Internet Advertising Competition (IAC), International WebAward Competition and Davey Awards. I’m looking forward to reviewing these digital video ad formats and their potential to engage and delight users,” said Jeannie Fratoni of Red Door Interactive. “This competition was created to support digital advertising creativity and increase larger ad spends across multiple screens and I’m excited to be a part of this first ever competition and represent Red Door.” The judges will review the ad units for their potential to drive brand equity at scale and submissions will be evaluated on the following criteria: user experience, branding, functionality, integration and adoption. The winners will be announced February 2013 at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting. “The Rising Stars Display and Mobile Ads award programs have both been very successful and I’m excited to work with our industry’s leaders to establish the form of advertising that will replace the classic 30-second commercial,” said Peter Minnium, Head of Brand Initiatives, IAB. “It’s an honor to shepherd in the new wave of Rising Stars.”

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