Top Ten Reasons to be an Intern at Red Door

The journey began on the first day they stepped into the office. The “newbies”, the "new kids on the block", the interns. However they were viewed, they looked back with drive, anticipation and excitement. From working on little projects to helping out with major client deliverables, they were each learning new skills and gaining valuable experience every step of the way. As both the Denver and San Diego interns near the end of this incredible journey, they certainly have learned a thing or two to take with them throughout their careers. In giving this group an “exit survey”, if you will, here’s what they came up with for the top ten reasons to be an intern at Red Door Interactive:
1. “The people here are so helpful. As interns we obviously do not know everything, and the RDI employees are always willing to answer my questions and entertain my crazy ideas. Everyone treats me as if I have been an employee for a long time. RDI is definitely 100% Jerk Free.”
 2. “I love being surrounded by intelligent people with really great attitudes, who are always willing to help you out.”
3. “Just about every day I get a big new assignment that has me doing something completely new, I love learning and working through it and then looking back on how much I learned in that day.”
4. “The people, the people here are great to work with. We have a culture that helps and affirms each other. Everyone is smart, driven, and awesome. It is a lot of fun to be around.”
 5. “It’s great to be in a positive, challenging environment where people have high expectations, but help each other to improve and succeed.”
6. “The people are great and everyone has a genuine care for the company’s success. You can tell when the company cares about the people, the people care about the company.”
 7. “The fun atmosphere, everyone gets along really well and there is really positive energy all around.”
8. “There’s never a dull moment. Red Door has so many great clients that there is always a project to jump in on. My days go by fast because I am working hard on interesting projects.”
 9. “The people, seriously everyone is amazing. Sounds cliché, but it really is the truth. It is really refreshing to work with so many intelligent and genuinely nice people. Oh yea, the view is nice too!”
10. “Every day I wake up excited to come to work and love every minute spent in the office. My co-workers are truly great people and the experience I’ve had couldn’t have come from anywhere but Red Door.” While Red Door is clearly an amazing place to work, it can be difficult to sum up how one feels about the company in few words. However, the interns were given yet another task – describe Red Door in one word – and the descriptions discovered encompass all that RDI has to offer.

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