The Top 10 Ways to Become Creatively Inspired

To celebrate Red Door’s 10th anniversary this year (double digits!), we would like to share our personality, core values, and overall excitement through a series of “top 10” blog posts on the 10th each month.

Coming up with ideas on demand can be a challenge, but not when you’re armed with the right inspiration. Here, the Red Door Creative Department shares the top 10 ways they kick-start their creative thinking.
1. Change it up. To me, change is so inspiring because it's both scary and exciting at the same time. Change gives me something new to look forward to. Every time I experience change in my life, I learn so much from it and grow as a person and as an artist. -Jeannie Fratoni, Design Director
2. Catch some z’s. Sometimes my most creative thoughts come to me when I’m at the cusp of falling asleep or in a state of waking up, when my mind is most clear. So I always keep a notepad by the bed, just in case! -Patrick Cinco, Associate Creative Director
3. Reach for some eye candy. For me, there’s no better way to be creatively inspired than by losing myself in beautiful creative works—photos, fashion, ads, poems, editorials, songs.  And as much as I love my iPad, no techy gadget can ever replace the ritual of paging through a big, fat magazine. -Hannah Malan, Copywriter Intern
4. Just breathe. If you really want to go into the deepest possibilities of true inspiration, then awaken to the practice of conscious breath work. It’s where all creativity lives. It requires the absolute absence of resistance and the opening up to a state of full-on appreciation. Then and there, the ideas just download and flow right in. Try it! -Lisa Schiavello, Executive Creative Director
5. Channel your inner elf. I like to put Lord of the Rings on in the background while I’m working. The creativity that it took to produce such an impressive trilogy is so inspiring—the beautiful score, the well-written dialogue, the stunning visual effects. Not to mention the hot, sexy elf! What more do you need?? - Azenith Salenga, Designer

6. Go outside the industry. I like to seek out people who aren't in the biz. You know…the "normal" people. Moms, dads, lawyers, scientists, yogis, dog walkers—anyone who can offer up a different perspective on a business problem. Most of the time, they remind me that simple is best. And that when all else fails, add a baby or a puppy into your concept and it'll be golden. -Sarah Hughes, Associate Creative Director
7. Embrace the darkness. Sometimes I just need to sit in the dark. No sound, no light, just my thoughts. It’s a way of removing myself from the computer and other distractions so I can really focus on the task at hand. Surprisingly, trying to forget everything helps me remember the great ideas! -Will Hansen, Senior Designer
8. Get outside. Another great way for me to jumpstart the brain is to spend some time in the ocean.  Whether it’s paddling, surfing or even just a quick swim, nothing feels more natural to me than being in the water. -Patrick Cinco, Associate Creative Director
9. Turn on some tunes. I get so motivated by music. I select the music depending what I am doing, so it really varies. But when I need inspiration, my favorite is something that makes me want to dance. -Jeannie Fratoni, Design Director
10. Come together. Even though we all work on different projects and have our own assignments, we’re all in this together. Taking the time as a team to have lunch on the hill by the Padres Stadium or grabbing a beer after work gives us the opportunity to bounce ideas off each other and problem solve for each other’s “stucks.” -Red Door Interactive Creative Department

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