Your company needs to know this: These online privacy regs are in the works

Michele Hinojosa

The Internet is a wonderfully measurable place. Businesses are able to use online data to drive strategy and measure return on investment. However, the wealth of data that makes the online world a prime space for analysis is also leading to consumer concerns over privacy. Facebook privacy controls, data capture, ad targeting and mobile applications have all been the subject of privacy discussions in the media.

A recent survey by USA Today and Gallup suggests that only 35 percent of respondents believe that "the invasion of privacy involved [in behaviorally targeted online ads is worth it to allow free access to websites," with younger respondents (40 percent) being more willing to accept this than older respondents (31 percent). However, while only 14 percent would allow all companies to target ads to them, another 47 percent would be willing to allow the advertisers they choose to target ads.

With so many concerns out there about data capture and privacy, what is a company to do to ensure their behavior and data practices are not called into question - or made front-page news?

What kind of data does your company use?

First, your company needs to differentiate between types of data capture, understand what you are leveraging, and the current climate around different types of data use.

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