Translating Traditional Marketing to a Digital World

As an Internet Presence Management agency, we use tested and proven marketing tactics to drive our creative process and develop successful strategies that connect brands with consumers online.  While technology continues to evolve, many grassroots principles remain constant. Recently, Red Door Interactive had the great fortune to sit down with the famous San Diego Chicken and learn first-hand how he produced and sustained such a prominent international brand since 1974. From his everyday game appearances to the notorious “Grand Hatching,” actor Ted Giannoulas proved he could attract and connect with thousands of fans through grassroots marketing efforts.

 During the video interview, the San Diego Chicken and Red Door CEO, Reid Carr, touch on five communication facets that are relevant in a digital world:

  1. Social Media - The famous San Diego Chicken advises brands to take a risk, start engaging to get a response, tap into the energy of the audience, and keep the energy going.  When a brand consistently delivers, the audience becomes loyal fans and advocates.
  2. Content - Passion inspires great content; a sense of humor doesn’t have a shelf life; and always make your content accessible to a large audience.
  3. Innovation - Whether it is a new product or a new service, innovation should be approached strategically to maximize potential for adoption. The San Diego Chicken explains that there is a symbiotic relationship between trust, innovation, and successful introduction of change.
  4. Promotion - It’s all about “selling the sizzle” and then delivering, which establishes credibility.
  5. Public Relations - To this day, Ted always signs autographs and poses for photos with his fans because they are the ones who spread the word about the San Diego Chicken.
The above communication facets are also relevant to mobile, another emerging platform and big focus for marketers in 2011.  At our next speaker series on January 25th (San Diego) and January 27th (Denver), a panel of experts will discuss Practical Approaches to the Vast Possibilities in MobileRegister here! Sign up for the Red Door newsletter to stay on top of industry news and insights, and learn about more upcoming events. To sign up click here!

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