Anne Buehner:

How to Create & Execute a Content Marketing Strategy: Part Three

When you’ve invested time, brain power and creative ingenuity into a piece of content, it is important to promote and distribute it. While this may seem obvious, brands often put all of their budget into the creation of content and forget to invest in making sure the content is seen, shared and promoted. Your content is only as effective as t... Continue Reading

How to Create & Execute a Content Marketing Strategy: Part Two

Content takes on many forms; from infographics and printable guides to GIFs and inspiring images. For the purposes of this edition, we’ll focus on optimizing shareable content for the most popular social media channels with the goal of maximizing reach, engagement and clicks back to your site. One of the biggest concerns we hear from marketer... Continue Reading

Snaps to Instagram: New Direct Photo & Video Messaging

This morning, Instagram announced and launched a new direct photo messaging functionality within its app called Instagram Direct. An obvious response to SnapChat’s growing popularity – and perhaps a “take that, we don’t need you anyways” comeback after Facebook’s acquisition offer was turned down – Instagram Direct marks a new phase for the company... Continue Reading

A Halloween Special: Resurrected Brands

In the spirit of goblins, ghosts and the walking dead, we are highlighting brands and products that have seemingly resurrected from the dead and have made more surprising comebacks than the 90s trends at Fashion Week. You’ll notice that the following three examples all are very well-known products that were never fully forgotten. Nostalgia i... Continue Reading